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1 a predisposition in favor of something; "a predilection for expensive cars"; "his sexual preferences"; "showed a Marxist orientation" [syn: preference, orientation]
2 a strong liking; "my own preference is for good literature"; "the Irish have a penchant for blarney" [syn: preference, penchant, taste]

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From prédilection.


  • a UK /ˌpɹiːdəˈlɛkʃn/, /%pri:d@"lEkSn/
  • a US /ˌpɹɛdəˈlɛkʃn/, /%prEd@"lEkSn/


  1. Condition of favoring or liking; tendency towards; proclivity; predisposition.
    • 1987, Edwin M. Yoder Jr., "Lewis Powell a Fine Sense of Balance," Washington Post, 29 Jun.,
      But for him the first rule of judging was to set aside personal predilection and vote the law and the facts.
    • 2000, Terry McCarthy, "Lost Generation," Time Asia, 23 Oct.,
      ... youth’s predilection for revolt.
    • 2001, Marina Cantacuzino, "On deadly ground," The Guardian, 13 Mar.,
      Wilson doesn’t see any inconsistency between his socialism and his predilection for the high life.


tendency towards
  • Dutch: neiging, voorkeur, voorliefde
  • Finnish: mieltymys

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